Variable Data Workflow

Describing a variable data workflow is not easy (or very fun to read). It’s complex. There’s a lot of back-and-forth of data files, software, and things that make for not such an interesting blog post without having an engineering degree.

However, the products made from a variable data workflow are extremely interesting. These products can be some of most significant pieces of advertising available to a corporation—so for this blog, let’s focus on the interesting part: the different things a TSG variable data workflow can produce.

You could very well have an advertisement made from a VDW (variable data workflow) sitting on your counter right now. You can identify them by looking at the different fields of information. You’ll notice your full name and address printed somewhere. The ad may even address you by your first name.  You may also notice that what’s being advertised is an accessory to something you recently purchased, or a discount on a service you purchased in the past.

This is the major advantage of a VDW (variable data workflow). It creates a highly customized piece of content—like a coupon, or a flyer—targeted and sent to a specific customer. This customer is likely to have a purchasing history that makes the customized coupon or flyer particularly relevant to them.

A VDW creates different fields of customer information: address, city, name, etc. and arranges them in a particular order based on hundreds of different factors. This software is handling thousands and thousands of customer records and sorting through which information is relevant to which person to an extremely specific degree.

A company may want only customers of a certain region who have purchased new car speakers over the last 3 months to receive a certain advertisement. A medical facility may require 100 reminders to be sent to 100 specific people, and each one needs the exact correct information relevant to each person. A highly customized, variable data workflow is what makes the right people receive exactly the right piece of content.

TSG creates these workflows for a range of different companies and objectives. We’re an Agile team that adapts to situations quickly and produces innovative, top-notch solutions and, we have Fun doing it!