ClicHoldings Corp. Announces Acquisition of The Solutions Group (TSG)’s Project Specific Application (PSA) division

ClicHoldings expands its capabilities by acquiring the PSA, Project Specific Application, business from The Solutions Group (TSG) – the technology leader in providing solutions that enable flawless execution of complex processes.

Boca Raton, Florida (May 16th, 2022) – ClicHoldings Corp, parent company of ClicMotion ( and ClicTell (, acquired the Project Specific Application (PSA) division of The Solutions Group, Inc. (TSG –, a Michigan corporation. The addition of PSA to the ClicHoldings’ family of companies will enhance ClicHoldings’ offering in numerous ways. Not only does PSA contribute dynamic technology that will enhance ClicHoldings’ variable, personalized content creation and print capabilities, but it also adds a team of highly technical professionals to the ClicHoldings team that will accelerate the effectiveness and implementation of the platform’s solutions.

Prior to the acquisition, ClicHoldings and TSG successfully partnered on projects in the automotive space, leveraging the current technology integration between the two platforms. This integration takes the ClicHoldings’ omni-channel marketing platform to a new level, utilizing the proven PSA technology to ensure accurate and highly personalized print. PSA’s technology enhances the “proofing” functionality of ClicHoldings’ platforms by providing real-time proofs and checking for errors in the customer data (list) prior to sending for print while at the same time allowing users to seamlessly create print campaigns that are cohesive with their other media – all of the marketing materials can have the same customized look and feel with little effort. The technology also unlocks the ability for customers to have near real-time traceability and visibility of each mail piece in their print campaign(s) from start to finish. The result for the client is the ability to turn around a print campaign and have it in the postal system within four hours of submission when leveraging one of the ClicHoldings’ digitally connected print partners.

PSA also has technology that is being utilized in other verticals including healthcare, personalized stationery, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and restaurant menu building. The plan is to expand that technology to other facets of the ClicHoldings’ suite of product and solution offerings as quickly as possible.

“The tie-in between ClicHoldings’ omni-channel platform & operating infrastructure and the PSA processdriven technology & tech team provides the marketplace with such a unique and powerful end-to-end solution,” said TSG CEO, Roger Rupp.

“On behalf of the Clic family, we would like to welcome the PSA team – we are looking forward to joining forces” said Mike Doobay, CEO of ClicHoldings. “This combination will position us to take our state-of-the art, omni-channel marketing platform to the next level by providing proven, smart technology processes to ensure the client’s highly personalized print campaigns are executed flawlessly, timely, and efficiently…the first time.”

About The Solutions Group (TSG):
Since 1993, The Solutions Group, Inc. (TSG) has been working with companies to leverage data and technology in many areas of business. TSG’s experts are known for being highly skilled at creating modular solutions that can be brought together to accommodate the most complex business problems. Solutions range from high-integrity, automated print and manufacturing systems to customized, data-driven order and content management. These solutions have been applied to situations in many markets – healthcare, gift card tracking, direct mail, fulfillment, and personalized content of all kinds. For more information, visit TSG’s website at

About ClicHoldings:
ClicHoldings’ subsidiaries, ClicMotion and ClicTell, are SaaS-based companies providing their clients and their agencies the latest in omni-channel marketing capabilities. These capabilities are driven by artificial intelligence and advanced personalization controlled via analytics-based procedural workflows. The results are an enhanced customer experience, smoother customer journey, and better marketing results. ClicMotion ( is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ClicHoldings Corp focused on the Automotive and Powersports verticals whereas, ClicTell Corp. (, also a wholly-owned subsidiary of ClicHoldings Corp, focuses on non-automotive clients.

For more information, visit ClicTell’s website at