Medical ID Cards

The Solutions Group specializes in variable data workflows that are both semi and fully automated. We partner with a range of organizations to help clients meet their goals. Our Medical ID Cards Platform is a tool that showcases our ability to collaborate with other teams, adhere to a rigorous set of standards, and facilitate the creation of an excellent product. 


The Medical ID Cards platform creates insurance cards for consumers. This includes new registration cards, replacement cards, and other insurance identification cards.


  • The workflow begins by data automatically being uploaded to the platform through a feed provided by the data arm of the healthcare company
  • Independent of the data ingestion, the client services team has prepared the site to create the final print product.These team members use the UI features of our tool to make sure a medical ID card contains the correct variable data. 
  • As the data comes in, the client services team set up, create, and maintain the ID card templates which place data in certain positions. This team create style guidelines to organize the variable data. Our system provides this team the ability to view  live previews during proofing process of the templates. After the client services team has built the templates and ensured the data has integrated properly, they are responsible for approving the final product. 
  • Once the client services team signs off on the release to production, our tool generates imposed print-ready files through production end. At this point, our system also batches the ID cards in bulk based on where the cards are being sent. Our tool intelligently creates production run based on production facility defined batching criteria.  
  • We also generate acknowledgement files for clients which validate the amount of cards—and which specific cards—made it into the mail stream. These files also tell and which cards were diverted and need to be reintroduced to production. These acknowledgement files are superior to reporting because it alerts the client services team right away—allowing the team to identify the errors and resolve issues quickly.


Our developers customized this platform to produce quality ID cards as quickly as possible. Our clients wanted fast turn around from data to product in the mailstream. Our tool allows the client services team to receive data, validate, and push cards to production in a set amount of time. We also helped with the creation of templates by providing a live preview of ID cards during the proofing process. Lastly, our acknowledgement files give the client services team the ability to resolve issues with immediate notification. This tool is one of many innovative workflow solutions that save our clients time and resources.