TSG’s Critical Letters Application

Our developers at the Solutions Group continue to build new and innovative tools that help our clients reach their goals. Our blog has featured tools we’ve developed for creating restaurant menus, healthcare provider directories, personalized stationery, and many other products. Another major innovation to highlight is our Critical Letters Tool—an application used by our healthcare clients to create direct mail letters to patients, doctors, and hospitals all over the world. 


The Critical Letters Application is mainly used for clients in the healthcare field, but is no way limited to just this area. The tool allows clients to create a wide direct-mail communication: denial notices, procedure approvals, payment invoices, and other content. Our tool allows users to create and dynamically format their letters in real time. Like most of our tools and workflows, users simply upload a data file (in a range of different formats) and create their preferred letter templates. Our tool interprets the data file and populates the variable data into the relevant fields of the letter template. This process is fully automated aside from the initial data file upload and template creation.

Needs & Developed Solutions

Sometimes the details of tools can make all the difference in the eyes of our clients. Here are some ways the Solutions Group tailored the Critical Letters Tool to fit our client’s needs.

Our healthcare clients required a fully automated process for applying variable data to user-created letter templates. The Solutions Group created a fully automated workflow. Currently, template creation is not automated, but the entire process that follows—including the process of flagging content that needs auditing—is fully automated by our tool.
Our clients wanted a way to send out less letters to those who were receiving more than one communication.  The Solutions Group created a feature called “record combining.” For example, someone is receiving five different medical notices, our tool can combine all five letters into one letter by just creating a table with all dissimilar variables (what the patient is approved for, what is being denied, etc.) all in one letter instead of sending out five separate ones. This saves our clients time and production and shipping cost.
Our client wanted to save on postage cost by consolidating letters whenever possible. Our team developed the concept of “householding”, where our tool will sort letters that belong in the same envelope and bundle them together. This helps our clients save money on postage and cuts down production costs.
Our client required a range of different customization tools for creating letter templates and content. Our tools provides clients with a wide variety of different properties, alignment options, drag-and-drop functionality, and a live preview of their letter in real time. Our tool also provides “ logic-specific formatting” which allows users to display or omit information in letters based on a set valuables set by the user.