Provider Directories

The Solutions Group’s blog has featured a variety of tools that sort, interpret, and archive data. We recently featured our Menu Management Platform—a menu creation tool with a wide range of both design and analytical features. Another innovative tool we’ve developed is the Provider Directories platform. This tool allows clients in the healthcare field to create digital and hardcopy directories of healthcare provider networks. This tool showcases our ability to provide customized features based on the needs of our clients.


  • The tool allows our users to upload a data file to start the process of creating a new provider directory. The data file contains all provider contact information. Similar to other tools created by TSG, users are able to customize the layout and see a live preview of the directory they are creating.
  • Once a user uploads a data file, our Import Mapping Tool combs through the file and verifies the data belongs in the correct field (e.g. phone number, insurance type). From here, users can select to create a new directory and apply the uploaded data in their preferred style.
  • Once a user completes a new directory, our tool provides the option to create a new section to complete their entire book. Users have the option to create a cover page, static PDF sections, and dynamic pages with data that changes. Users can also upload a range of different file types—including raw .xml files—and add attributes using drag-and-drop features.

Needs & Developed Solutions

Our client needed to cut down on provider directory creation time. Prior to our Provider Directories tool, directory creation and distribution would take up to 3 months. Users of our tool can now create and edit their directories in real time and instantly download a local copy for distribution.
Our client wanted to reduce the number pages in their directories. Our tool introduces a variety of features that reduce the number of pages in each directory.
Our client wanted the ability to translate directories into a variety of different languages. Our tool includes a “languages” tab when creating a new provider directory. This tab not only provides multiple translation options; we also developed the ability for our platform to learn new translated text as the user inputs new translations.
Our client’s goal was 100% data integrity. We developed an additional “Import Mapping Tool” to help maintain data integrity and cut down directory creation time. Our tool reviews the data file provided by the intuitively match up vs. what’s there.
Our client wanted the ability to use and manage the tool internally, without requesting new directories through TSG. The Solutions Group provided multiple training sessions to help our client form a self-sustaining workflow for creating new directories.