Postcard Creation Tool

Among the many content creation platforms developed by The Solutions Group, our Postcard Creation Tool is the best example of both user and workflow-driven automation. The platform gives users the ability to design, customize, purchase, and ship postcard orders. The automated tool adheres to template specifications and helps facilitate brand standards.


  • Clients can create a postcard for bulk distribution that features a single piece of static artwork. This is done by uploading only two items: the artwork to be printed on the postcard (.pdf) and the intended recipient list (.csv).
  • Users can create postcards for bulk distribution that feature artwork and text individually customized for individual recipients.
  • Once the template is created and data is uploaded, the Postcard Tool digitally prints and imposes each individual postcard into a PDF file containing the entire batch. This file is then available for download by the client and if desired, can be sent to one of TSG’s partner companies for printing and distribution.
  • The beauty of the Postcard Tool is that is can be customized by TSG to meet the specific needs of each individual client, just as postcards can be customized by the Tool for each individual recipient. The possibilities are truly endless!

Needs & Developed Solutions

Sometimes the details of tools can make all the difference in the eyes of our clients. Here are some ways the Solutions Group tailored the Postcard Creation Tool to fit our client’s needs.


Our client needed reliable reporting methods. Specifically, our client wanted to ensure measures were taken to avoid any inaccuracies in the reporting process that could skew the data. The Solutions Group provided automated reports that run twice a month. Our client can choose who they want to receive the reports and what numeric values are included in the reports: amount of specific orders types,  all information.) For accuracy, The Solutions group created a system that flags an item (order, specific piece of an order, etc) after it has been reported on. This prevents the item from being reported on again to prevent duplicate results and inaccurate data. This helps our client see clear volume of order items and make sure billing is accurate.
Our client needed a way to upload artwork to accompany the templates and customer data. The Solutions Group created a smart resizing feature that ensures all user-uploaded artwork meets exact specifications. This means if a user uploads a piece of artwork that does not exactly meet the required size dimensions of the template,our system automatically recognizes what size it should be and then continues the checkout process.