Using RFID Technology To Develop Business Solutions

Information is key. A business needs to not only identify their target audience, but also find out what their audience is buying. RFID technology introduces a way for a business to encode their products with data that chronicles a product’s journey from manufacturing through being purchased.

Smart Tags

The Solutions Group allows companies the ability to utilize RFID technology. A large majority of what we do with RFID is based around inventory or product tags (smart tags). These tags help a company identify their merchandise. A tag includes a chip—encoded by The Solutions Group—that a business can scan and learn about the item. The information encoded in the smart tag is customizable. This makes smart tags a great business solution because information can be customized based on the business need.


We provide the means to customize what’s encoded. For example, a company will see an opportunity to add an extra product identifier to a smart tag (item number, product size, production facility number, etc.). The company simply requests the change, and The Solutions Group then updates our software to encode the new information on the smart tags in production. The framework allows customers to pick and choose what they want to see.

The Solutions Group’s production workflow produces these tags at a rate of over 60,000 units per hour. We can also take tags with existing RFID capacity and encode them with new information. We have one of the fastest converted-RFID tag systems in the market

Ongoing Updates

While we’ve been early-adopters of RFID technology, we continue to add features: the ability to lock smart tags, add user memory, trigger security sensors in stores, and other features. We began with creating a basic system that would encode a smart tag with minimal information. We now provide the ability for customers to add multiple fields of information with a memory bank of 128 bits (updated from 96 bits). A larger memory bank means more information and more quality control over merchandise.

RFID is still a very up-and-coming market and industry. It’s fairly new to the world, and many companies are just starting to use it. The Solutions Group offers both high-level tag configuration and some of the fastest production speeds on the market.