Project-Specific Applications – Case Study

Project-specific applications are tools we develop to serve a particular purpose- to help our clients achieve a goal. These tools can be alterations of existing applications or entirely new. Over the years, project-specific applications have become a specialty of TSG. This case study showcases one of our most innovative solutions to date: a fully-automated, closed-loop workflow for configuring, ordering, and printing personalized stationery.

Our Client: Client Z

Client Z is a large corporation with thousands of employees. Client Z has hundreds of different business units under their brand. Our job was to create a workflow that allowed the business units of Client Z to order personalized stationery. Client Z had several objectives for our workflow to complete. What we developed checks all the boxes, and then some.


  1. Profile Setup: Workflow begins with employees of Client Z creating a profile of their contact information. This information will be used for their personalized stationery. After the initial setup, Client Z validates and approves all new profiles to ensure accuracy prior to orders being placed.
  2. Order: After an individual creates a profile and it is approved by Client Z, employees can order their personalized stationery. Our tool allows users to apply their personalized information to a template of their choice and see a live preview of the order. Once a user submits their order, it is immediately sent to a production facility without any direct labor.
  3. Production: Once an order is sent to the production facility, we provide the production site the ability to track each order and see the production status in real time. This ensures accuracy and allows for quick troubleshooting and problem solving. The individual who placed the personalized stationery order is sent an automated email saying the order is in production.



Client Z needed a workflow to produce and deliver personalized stationery quickly and accurately. TSG developed an application that simplifies large amounts of data into individual profiles, allowing users to place orders quickly. This is just one example- TSG creates project-specific applications for a range of companies and objectives. The Solutions Group is an agile team that adapts to situations quickly and produces innovative solutions for all sorts of problems businesses face.