Read, Track, Verify: A Look into the RTV Side of TSG

The visual below shows how a typical solution is handled by The Solutions Group—from the initial order through production and delivery.

  1. Work Order

An order can come through in a variety of different ways. TSG develops storefronts (customer-generator options for placing orders) and other tools to receive an order.

  1. Production

Production is where TSG develops custom job controllers and other workflows to print, read, track, verify and ensure integrity. We utilize facilities based on the product and where it’s being shipped.

  1. Integrity

TSG uses a blend of software and hardware—including cameras, sensors, and scales—to ensure integrity in production and shipping.

  1. Delivery

Once production is complete, products may be physically or electronically delivered based on what the order entails.

At The Solutions Group, we provide innovative business solutions by transcending the current limitations of technology. We’re a team of problem solvers. Our method is agile. As an integrative company, we create solutions that are tailor made to your problem. We normalize that data into our world, giving us the ability to use our tools to generate solutions quickly. Our two major pieces of software include MatchMate and XMatch. Each have their own unique use cases, but they each provide the ability to read, track, verify, and ensure integrity throughout the production process of a work order:

  • Read: Production may begin with printing material arranged in a particular order. This order is crucial for printing, matching, and accurate shipping.
  • Track: During production, each piece is assigned a unique identifier—containing encoded, serialized information—to read, track, and verify each piece.
  • Verify: Multiple sensors, scales, and cameras verify that each piece is being printed, sorted, and encoded properly. TSG often creates custom hardware and software for specific production solutions.
  • Integrity: If at any point a piece does not verify, that piece is diverted until the correct version appears again. After all pieces are produced successfully, our software ensures integrity and accuracy.